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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yamaha R6 & R1 Review ,Price,Picture,Feature

Yamaha R6 & R1 Review ,Price,Picture,Feature

Some owners have complained of a spongy front brake feel, which can be cured by fitting aftermarket brake lines. Others have bled the brakes to release trapped air every two years or so, which also helps cure the problem.

Like nearly all Yamahas, the R6 is relatively bulletproof when it comes to long-term reliability, though it's not unheard of for starters to give up the ghost, compromising other parts of the electrical system-namely batteries-if not replaced.

Around town, you could run the rpms as low as you as you want and the complete fuel injection will enable you to open the throttle anywhere, anytime without missing a beat. Of course, everything starts happening a lot quicker erst you pass 8,000 rpm and the bike pulls difficult till red line at this point but, for riding conservatively in traffic, the R6 causes a nice friend. The foot pegs are now 5mm more forward for greater weight distribution to the front end. They are surely high and the bars are low, however I found the overall ride package a lot comfier than I had thought.

You are not going to want to go touring on this thing, however don't despair if your favorite set of twisties are a couple hours away, the suspension isn't going to bushed you to death on the way. I did not maintain a lot of of an eye on gas mileage, other than getting the fuel light to come on at around 120 mph after some severe throttle abuse in the deserted canyons. This is 2000 rpm higher than the former R6 model and it is the highest redline of a widely distributed production four-stroke engine the Honda CBR250RR had a reputed redline of 19,000. Such a high speed is near to degrees known just in Formula One engines , where valve springs stress issues lead to the adoption of pneumatic return at further than 19,000 rpm.

Although total claimed horsepower of 152 hp at 10,500 rpm is only a couple of ponies up on the previous-generation bike (and still some 10 to 15 hp shy of the GSX-R), it's delivered in a much smoother, more user-friendly way than its carbureted counterpart. First impressions can be misleading: You might think the new bike has lost some of its punch. But that impression goes away when you realize just how much cornering speed you carried through that last balls-out sweeper leading to Catalunya's pit straight, or how deceptively hard the R1 accelerated out of the third-gear left leading into a long right climbing the paddock hill-a corner you'd need to take in second on most open-classers to get the kind of muscular drive the R1 delivers as second nature once its midrange chimes in at approximately 5000 rpm.

The completely revamped (but still unmistakably styled) fairing and bodywork offer a 20mm-wider nose section, which improves wind and weather protection to the rider's shoulders and head, the latter thanks to the reangled slant to the R1's snake-eye "face." But even with a wider fairing, the new R1 feels small and nimble; it remains a motorcycle you feel you can flick into a turn almost as easily as its YZF-R6 little brother. Except that now you feel much more a part of the bike, thanks in part to the revised riding position (clip-ons angled back and slanted downward, and footpegs moved back slightly), but also the narrower, resculpted fuel tank, which, at the cost of a one-liter (0.3 gallon) reduction in capacity, is much easier to snuggle up close to than its wider, bulkier predecessor. And though seat height remains the same, there's definitely less weight on your arms and shoulders, making the new R1 less tiring to ride.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kobra Electric Review,bike, Product Design, Image,Price,Product Development

Kobra Electric Review,bike, Product Design, Image,Price,Product Development

Electric motorcycles are known for their lack of appeal when it comes to styling, but one Italian designer has managed to show us different when he came up with the Kobra project. The all-electric motorcycle concept by Cristiano Giuggioli is not only a good looking zero-emission motorbike, but is also able to satisfy every rider’s needs.

As Cristiano Giuggioli say’s “All the ecological “plus” of the electric vehicles are combined with the most advanced robotic technologies in the actuation field. In this way Kobra is able to adapt the settings and commands to the rider’s height and weight.” Kobra carry’s ESA II electronic suspension, lithium batteries and Lynch motors, and also grab with K.E.R.S. system which allow the function to regenerative braking system that recharges the onboard battery whenever the brakes are applied.

This means the Kobra electric motorcycle is capable of adapting to city, touring and sport commuting, providing smooth rides on both highways and inner-city roads. Featuring an ergonomic form, the sporty motorcycle adapts according to the height and weight of the rider.

The idea is pretty simple: powered by an electric engine, the Kobra is a motorcycle that aims to reduce emissions. The bike has ESA II electronic suspension, lithium batteries and Lynch motors.

The zero-emission electric engine of the motorcycle is combined with advanced robotic technology in the actuation field that changes the rider’s setting to make them more ergonomical. Moreover, the Kobra features regenerative braking system that recharges the onboard battery whenever the brakes are applied.

Product Details
Voltage: 12V
Motor Wattage: 1000W
Power Rating: 1385 lbs (630 kg)
Finish: Anodized
Standard Equipment: Watertight Control Box, (2)Footswitches, Chainwheel & Manual Override w/Handle
Working Load: 220 lbs (100 kg)
Amperes @ No Load: 60
Amperes @ Working Load: 115
Retrieval Speed @ No Load: 105 ft/min (32 m/min)
Retrieval Speed @ Working Load: 59 ft/min (18 m/min)
Chain Sizes: 1/4HT, 5/16ALL, 3/8ALL
Rope Sizes: N/A
Weight: 41.000 lbs.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The One motorcycle by HR Erbacher Review,Price,Picture, Walpaper

The One motorcycle by HR Erbacher Review,Price,Picture, Walpaper

H&R, in cooperation with Fat Attack Custom Bikes from Arlesheim in Switzerland, have developed a motor bike that has no equal. Called "The One", this motorcycle is largely made of carbon, titanium, aluminum, and aircraft steel. This helps to reduce weight by 60 kilos. The motorcycle is powered by a modified Harley Davidson engine that develops 110 HP.

Only real carbon was used for the tank, the seating and all other visible parts. A further highlight is the 300mm wide rear tyres which ensures sufficient grip from the very start – combined with a sensitive Erbacher chrome molybdenum support arm and a perfectly tuned front fork with H&R technology. Despite this the makers of “The One” ensured that the chopper can be checked for service in every Harley workshop without any problems. This super bike can thus be read out via the standard OBD connection despite all its high end modifications.

This bike has real carbon used for the tank, seating and other visible parts and it also features 300mm wide rear tire for better grip on the road, combined with a sensitive Erbacher chrome molybdenum support arm and a perfectly tuned front fork with H&R technology. H&R Erbacher ‘The One’ motorcycle will be presented at the Essen motor show this year. Since it has Harley Davidson engine, the customer will have freedom to service it at any Harley Workshop. The price tag for the H&R Erbacher The One motorcycle starts at 110,000 EUR.

The performance was increased to around 110 PS in this power unit basing on a Harley Davidson engine due to various changes. Despite this the makers of "The One" ensured that the chopper can be checked for service in every Harley workshop without any problems. This super bike can thus be read out via the standard OBD connection despite all its high end modifications.

Only real carbon was used for the tank, the seating and all other visible parts. A further highlight is the 300mm wide rear tyres which ensures sufficient grip from the very start – combined with a sensitive Erbacher chrome molybdenum support arm and a perfectly tuned front fork with H&R technology.

These are the specifications of one of the most exclusive motorbikes that can be bought today. With the support of H&R the team of Fat Attack Custom Bikes from Arlesheim in Switzerland developed a motor bike that has no equal – it is completely unique.

With 25 years experience in motor racing, 7 European championship titles in four different classes and diverse other European records in their treasure box of experience the Fat Attack Team of Urs Erbacher developed this motorbike called “The One”. During its production attention was paid to every detail to ensure that the materials used are the same as for racing. For this reason the bike is largely made of carbon, titanium, aluminum and aircraft steel. The weight saving of over 60 kilograms with simultaneously greater stability in its driving characteristics becomes noticeable!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brough Superior reviews, price, wallpapers, pictures and more.

Brough Superior reviews, price, wallpapers, pictures and more.

Mark Upham CEO of Brough Superior Motorcycles Ltd is delighted to announce the firm will be contesting Bonneville Speed Week next year with a new machine based on the existing 1927 SS100 Pendine model which was first unveiled at Pebble Beach in August 2009. The machine will be known as the Brough Superior SS100 Retroit will be running on pump fuel un-streamlined. Design style and construction will be the direct responsibility of Alistair Gibson formerly chief mechanic for Honda Formula Oneand lifelong 2-wheel enthusiast.

After a quarter century working for several Champions in F1 Alistair now works from his own design studio near Oxford. “When Mark approached me with the idea of a “Retro” machine for Bonneville I was immediately fired up I know the extent of the challenge having previously been deeply involved on the salt in 2006 with the Honda F1 car that broke the existing record for the category!”

You may remember, a couple of years ago, I wrote about Cameron Racing Engines, a British firm rebuilding old J.A. Prestwich engines. At the same time, we found a new firm in the process of restarting the Brough Superior marque, building brand new JAP powered motorcycles with the Brough Superior name. I'd forgotten about the startup company until I was looking over a brochure for the upcoming Pebble Beach motorcycle auction, August 14-16, and noticed that, 2 original 1939 Broughs will be auctioned, but more interesting, it will be the American debut of the brand new 2009 Brough Superior. Two bikes will be on display and for sale while deposits will be accepted for brand new built to order machines.

As the mighty Brough Superiors amass more birthdays they are becoming exceedingly rare and, as goes the scenario, more pricey. It makes the possibility of throwing one of the original beasts down the pavement, grinding down the precious hand-crafted metal and sand cast engine covers, a near sacrilege.

Brough Superior, the Rolls Royce of motorcycle world never fails to attract interest. European auctioner H&H set a new record for sale of a 1929 Brough Superior SS100 at The Haynes International Motor Museum. The bike became the world’s most expensive motorcycle with its price tag of $455,400. The machine was one of the fastest in its time, it was guaranteed to be able to reach the magic 100mph mark. The SS100 features an overhead valve 1000cc V-twin engine which delivers 45hp.1929 saw 29 SS100s produced in Pendine and Grand Alpine form with the option of the B and D sprung frame and the three speed “super heavyweight” gearbox, although a few are believed to have been built with the standard unit.

1929 also saw the introduction of the new dual headlight, as fitted to the machine offered, although not all the 1929 SS100s were so equipped. The beautiful example offered was purchased by the vendor as a complete, original machine in need of a complete restoration. It was restored between 2000 and 2001 and has subsequently been used extensively travelling to Scotland, Spain, France, Austria and Italy.

The SS100 model was ridden at 100 miles per hour or over before being delivered to the customer. The SS80 model was ridden at 80 miles per hour or over before being delivered. If any motorcycle failed to meet the specifications, the motorcycle was taken back to the shop and worked upon until it performed to the specifications of the particular model. The fit and finish was comparable to a Rolls-Royce automobile. These were some of the most expensive motorcycles in the world.

Brough Superior motorcycles have always been rare and expensive. They are some of the most desirable antique motorcycles for an enthusiast to collect. Because of their connection with Lawrence of Arabia, their extremely well fit and finish, their reputatation for reliability and winning races, and along with their boast of being the Rolls Royce of Motor Cycles they are one of the most collectible of all the worlds' vehicles.

So, what do you do if you are determined to obtain that romantic notion of piloting a powerful Brough at speed? You contact Brough Superior Motorcycles LTD, in Austria. The company is producing the Brough Superior anew. True to the original workings, crafted from what they refer to as "new metal," you can have a new Brough built for you. They aren't cheap, but they're considerably less than trying to obtain one of the original machines at auction these days.

Every now and then something special comes up for sale and, in my book, this qualifies, a 1939 Brough Superior SS100. Fully restored, it looks about as fine as they come. The best part is it's ready to ride, not just display. Bikes like these should be exercised now and then, it's what they were built for.The buy it now price is $250,000 but the owner says the reserve is lower so who knows what it will take to put this bike in your collection. These so seldom come up for sale, it should attract a lot of interest. This should be fun to watch.

Friday, November 19, 2010



Travertson ever make a special bike with front suspension swing arm is now re-create surprises. The same motorcycle modific that assessed similar to the predators in a science fiction movie.

The motorcycle is called V-REX2 Travertson 2011 and designed by Christian Travert from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, using the engine Harley-Davidson V-Rod.

V-REX2 is a development of version 2010. Some parts are repaired is subrangka are now using steel, breket license plate, rear lights, and brakes are in this version using LEDs.

Based on the 2010 version, the upgraded model comes with more options Travertson Than any other model, Including a new steel subframe as well as license-plate bracket That includes an LED tail / brake light.Other the highlights of the V-REX 2 include digital speedometer, LED turn signals, custom paint as well as ultra boutique options include a custom Engraved That fuel cap, acrylic wheel centers, chrome vertical tank strap decorated in crystal swarovsky letters of your choice

However, the most attractive features are the iPod dock, chrome wheels (with transparent acrylic spokes) and swingarm, Xenon lights and an Ostrich leather seats.

Other features seen on the digital speedometer, LED lighting sein, special paint ultraboutique, in-grafir tank cap, the radius of the wheel from acrylic, and the chromed strap tank. There are also mats for iPod, the wheel is connected to a chromed swing arm, lights Xenon, and Ostrich leather upholstery.

Options for the V-REX 2, the which includes Some of the Available That You Might Expect, digital speedometer Demolition, turnsignals custom paint and LEDs.

Designed by Christian Travert, the bike from the first appearance seems a prop from the sci-fi movie coming to life. Designed and built in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, V-REX features a Harley-Davidson V-Rod motor and use H-D electrics. However, V-REX was recently updated to include two models called V-REX 2. It includes a new steel subframe as well as license-plate bracket that includes an LED tail/brake light.

Then there are ultra-boutique Demolition choice Fuel cap and custom Engraved Acrylic Wheel Center. but maybe the self-Indulgence look chrome fence is to have a "strap tank" vertical crystal display adorned Fonts swarovsky your choice, Demolition Initials of the owner of a bicycle shown in Heredia.

Expensive for motorcycle lovers, for They are the motor Travertsons Best Things to have, regular Their earnest not find another bike Interesting LOT of attention as the V-REX.

The author says, the V-REX nice views from every angle. But to get it is not easy. V-REX 2010 valued U.S. $ 49,990 (USD 450 million) and V-REX2 valued 53,990 U.S. dollars (USD 485 million).

V-REX first shown in 3D rendering by mechanical futurist Tim Cameron, named "Dream Bike". Then, the design was captured by Christian Travert, a crew at MTT which makes jet-Copter. Direct Travert obsessed and decided for the concept is transformed into a motorcycle that can be driven.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010



The motorcycle is named Duu. You must wonder where it came from and who the maker? Big bike (MOGE) was crafted by CR & S (Cafe Racing & Sport), a motorcycle manufacturer based in Italy. And this is a homemade hand Duu to be produced is limited in 2011 at a price of about 25,900 U.S. dollars.

Listened from the display, this vehicle combines the typical stocky muscular naked bike America (streetfighter) and European styles. Duu given name - derived from the Italian language - means "Two" which is reflected in the design of the seat (can be to get a free ride, though small, but can be folded) and the machine.

This is the desire of the "mature" motorcyclist, WHO demands certainty, continuity and a top-value in terms of design and technology.Be Prepared to indulge your passion for Exclusivity and value for money.

The Duu, a motorcycle to satisfy a sophisticated and intuitive market of enthusiasts Who Are Aware of Things That Their meet needs and are made to last.
The Duu, never neglecting the vital aspects of a "premium" motorcycle: emotion and character.

The Duu is powered by a 1.916 cc X-Wedge engine developing over 1995 horsepower and 140 Nm (103.3 lb.ft.) of torque from 2500 to 4700 rpm. The pushrod engine includes two valves per cylinder head with hydraulic self-adjustment, and three belt-driven camshafts (one intake and two exhaust).

The structural components are made in carbon, while the rest are made in VTR, ABS or carbon. The gas tank is divided in two parts: the chassis' backbone and the seat holder box structure. In Addition to this, EACH introduced new options will of some 100% retrofittable on EACH Duu.

For cardiac pacemaker, Duu given X-Edge engine 1916 cc V-Twin which has a maximum power of 95 HP with 140 Nm of torque from 2,500 to 4700 rpm. Keistimewan machine specially made home modifications to S & S to commemorate the 50th birthday, designed each cylinder has two valves stems and three belt Noken as a player (one smoked, two exhaust).

The options list includes a lot of high quality hand made components, Such as the front light, the fake gas tanks with storage function, the GPS holder and folding windshield (CR & S patent), the passenger comfort seats, the folding passenger back seat, the oil tank with light alloy machined fins, the belly pan, the CR & S light alloy wheels machined from solid wheels, the SBK break disks, the different seat covers, the aluminum filler cap's cover, different chassis finishes, different graphics and body finishes, and the powertrain finishes.

Several possibilities are available configuration Concerning the look, from EACH component's color, to the chassis and the wheels finishes. The powertrain's color cans even be chosen. A customized Engraved silver plate Gives the final touch.

Many structural components are made of carbon materials and high quality handmade results. Like the front lights, gas tank, GPS and glass folding handle (patent had a CR & S), which can be folded passenger seat, disc brakes superbike models and more.

Both wheels use a very light alloy wheels wrapped in black rubber, large size. Interestingly, exhaust design is very simple and does not interfere with the impression naked. Then the exhaust tip dual model under the back foot. Can-can be melted shoes.

Friday, November 12, 2010

MODIFIKASI Mille 3 | Supermoto Anyar Besutan Husqvarna

MODIFIKASI Mille 3 | Supermoto Anyar Besutan Husqvarna
Fame with the model of motocross, Husqvarna also interested to play in the segment supermoto. Through BMW Mille 3 subsidiaries are COBE show results.

Mille 3 seconded engine with 933 cc three-cylinder cooling system design that is unusual. Husqvarna put a cooling system on the two-cylinder, while another one was placed on the vertical cylinder.

However autoevolution on Friday (11/12/2010) launch, the German manufacturer is still inspired motocross design on Mille 3. But his rim and brake had been applied supermoto style, so did the use of jumbo-sized tires.

You could say this is a pretty strange business activity that is reminiscent of the giant Japanese company, Mitsubishi, which has many branches of business. Start of electronic equipment and electrical, chemical industry, automotive, aircraft, even if not many people know the brand Nikon camera is one of them.

Currently all business activities Husqvarna run separately. While the motorcycle manufacturer based in Italy itself is now owned by BMW since three years ago.

A strange path, but certainly no Stranger Than Their latest unveiling: the Mille three concept bikes. Unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, the Mille 3 straddles the division Between cruiser and sport bike about as widely as the rider Would its low-slung seat. The handlebars are taken from an off-road bike, while the foot Pegs sit far back like those on a sport bike.

Power is provided by a 933cc fuel-injected three-cylinder engine, but it's the design That sets it apart. Husqvarna says it indicates they're "always ahead of the game", but exactly what the game That Might be is a mystery to us.

holder capable of turning the eye and tease the audience. How could I not. Dragbike style blend design, supermoto and trial (read; trayel). The three characters are painted from motorcycle low ground clearance (due to a long wheelbase) and this is typical of dragbike. Then a model supermoto reflect sepatbor front, while rear seat design is so strong following the style of the trial.

This time Husqvarna ready to display their latest creations in the form of concept motorcycle that will be displayed at the EICMA motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy. Creative, named Mille 3 this concept is a 'crossover' in-class bike that is a combination of cruiser and sport bike models.

Low seat position like chopper, tank hardly looks like a trail bike, while the steering handlebars taken over from off-road motorcycle, with the footrests back as far back like a sport bike.

The chassis is made of steel with a central design tubone. For the hind legs are made of aluminum material.

The distance between two wheels on the bike this concept far enough, and saddle also has a fairly low altitude. However, the sophisticated braking system, adjustable suspension, dual exhaust system and a powerful, makes Mille Husqvarna 3 withdrawal like a true sport bike. The position of the footrests are in place slightly to the rear, and handlebar-like off-road motorcycle handlebar make rider posture looks energetic and aggressive.

Aura motocross seat still exist thanks to the use of extra thin, high performance brake system, adjustable suspension, twin exhaust, handlebars and footrests and similar off-road motorcycles.

Husqvarna claims Mille 3 is a combination of emotion, curiosity, anti compromises are made in one bentuk.Namun do not expect Mille 3 will soon exist in showrooms Husqvarna, because European manufacturers were not intending to produce it.